Urgent Need!

We have an urgent need for new transportation to get the kids to school.?? Our
van, which has 300,000 miles, is broken down once again!?? We hate to continue to
put money into fixing it as we know it is not going to last us much longer.??
This week we are renting a van and driving our SUV to take the kids to school.??
Ben is doing a great job of researching all our options as we begin the search
for the right vehicle for us.?? We are considering either one small bus that
would seat??30 people or 2 vans that would seat 15 each.?? Either way we go, it
looks like we are going to need to raise $25,000 to $30,000.?? Please pray for
wisdom for us as we look into our options and that the needed donations would
come in!?? If you are able to make a contribution you can send your donation to
Love and Hope International with a note attached??saying that??it is for
purchasing a vehicle.?? L&HI mailing address is 9555 Vista Parkway, Suite 230,
Cleveland, OH 44125.?? We greatly appreciate your prayers and support!