Celebrating Succeses

As Love & Hope Children’s Home gears up for a new school year in 2016, we wanted to share some of the successes we celebrated with them at the end of last year!

Shelby graduated from high school! Shelby hasn’t lived with us at Love & Hope for quite some time now, but she visited often and we made sure that she was able to get a quality education close to her home. We couldn’t be prouder of the young lady she has become, overcoming many obstacles to achieve her high school diploma. This year, we support Shelby as she begins her university career! Shelby is going to study English with a focus in tourism.

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We also recognized another very special achievement. Our youngest graduated from kindergarten! He even won a pin for “excellence,” an honor that only a few of his classmates received. We can’t believe that Love & Hope Children’s Home is finished with kindergarten; it is bittersweet. Needless-to-say, we are so very proud of our little guy. This year he will be in first grade!



Besides graduations, we had other things to celebrate. Moises won first place in his class at school. He even exonerated a few final exams because of his excellent grades and wonderful behavior. Moises loves his school and we have enjoyed watching him become a leader there.

Salvador learned reading basics and swimming in 2015. If you know Salvador, you know this is big for him! He diligently and enthusiastically practiced his reading every week, so proud to read the syllables out loud. Salvador also receives swimming class at school. Many of us didn’t even realize how well he could swim until we spent a day at the lake. Salvador had no problem swimming in the deep water without a life jacket! This year Salvador will continue at the same school. We are excited to see the advances he will make!

The highlights are endless! Michell won third place in her class for the year. Our kids participated in robotics and science fairs, recitals and talent shows; others represented their school in athletics. Brenda is an active member of the honor society at her school. Jocelyn finished her first year of university. All of our children will move on to the next grade, and we anticipate an even better year in 2016.


IMG_2410All of this- quality education, safety, caring teachers, extra-curricular activities, field trips, special education, higher education- all of this is possible because of the generosity of our donors. THANK YOU.

Many of our children have already begun school this year. They are excited to be back and optimistic! Education is a gift that can never be taken away from our children. A solid education can make the difference between a life of sustenance and a life of success. Our kids have amazing goals and with your help, we want to give them the opportunity to reach them!

To offer our children the best education possible, we need your support. Please consider giving the gift of education this year! Visit our website to give and learn more.