One??of my favorite places??in El Salvador is “La puerta del Diablo.”?? It’s about
a 25 minute ride from San Salvador and is a short hike up to a cliff with an
amazing view.?? When the clouds aren’t surrounding, you can see the ocean, lake
Ilopango, several volcanos, mountains, and the city all from the same spot.?? A
couple of miles away are two of the best children’s parks in El Salvador.????Near
the parks??there are pupusas,??and lots of other??salvadoran foods being sold.??
Right in between these parks and La Puerta del Diablo is a great big beautiful
house.?? This will very soon be home to the Love and Hope family.?? When I first
looked at the home I thought “why would anyone build such a big house?”?? It has
10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a huge kitchen and dining room, 2 big garages, and a
lot of common areas.?? It will be a wonderful home for us during this time as we
begin to look for land to purchase and build a permenant location for our home.??
It is in a safe, somewhat touristy area with a very welcoming community.?? Thank
you for continuing to pray for us as we go through these exciting, but at times,
incredibly difficult changes.?? Please pray for the kids as moving is always
hard.?? There are a lot of mixed emotions in all of us.?? Pray for peace, for
wisdom, and for favour in this new community and that the kids would be loved
and supported well through this transition.?? Pictures of the new place will be
up soon!??