Happy Mother’s Day

Just as it is all over the world, Mother’s Day is a big deal in El Salvador! This special day is always celebrated on May 10th, so this year it was last Tuesday.


13262262_849307840231_1204889097_oWe’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” At Love & Hope Children’s Home, we have found that to be very true. Our children have been under the loving care of so many amazing men and women, some who have been working at Love & Hope longer than some of the children have been alive! Naturally, our kids then come to see Rachel and the staff as mother and father figures.

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Rachel has been called “mami” by the kids practically since Love & Hope’s doors opened almost 13 years ago. She witnessed their first steps, first words and first days of school. Rachel remembers and loves to tell the kids what clothes they were wearing the first time they met. She helps with homework and goes to as many of their games, appointments, concerts and performances as possible. Rachel listens to them, advises them and cries with them. She is their mom in every sense of the word.

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Several of our “tias” have their own biological children, but that doesn’t stop them from stepping into Love & Hope Children’s Home and loving our children as their own. These women have become confidants, teachers, playmates, friends and authority figures to our kids. It is easy to see their the love and care they offer our children and teenagers is sincere and pure. They love and enjoy our children despite every difficult moment they encounter. The relationships our tias share with the kids really are special; because our children spend so much time with our caregivers, our staff knows our kids on a very deep level.

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We’ll finish with Michell’s message to Rachel on Mother’s Day. She said it perfectly! Mothers certainly are very special people, biological or not.

“Happy Mother’s Day. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. God gave me the best mother. I know that I never was in your belly but God had a plan with you and me. God made me come into your life. You are always going to be my mother because you saw me and you are going to keep watching me growing up and reaching my goals. You’ll always be by my side no matter what I do. Thanks for everything you do and for making me happy. I’m very thankful and happy with you. You are a blessing in my life. Thanks for supporting me and encouraging me. I want you to be there for all of my successes; you always give me strength and make me be a better person.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

(Most of photos from this blog were taken at the special events that the kids participated in at school to celebrate Mother’s Day and our own celebration with the staff at Love & Hope Children’s Home.)