Jardin Botánico

We recently took some of the kids to San Salvador’s Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botánico). We weren’t sure what to expect before going. Would there be much to see? Would the kids be bored? We were pleasantly surprised. The gardens are lovely, and quite large. It must be one of San Salvador’s most underrated attractions. The kids enjoyed running through the paths and looking at some of the plants, but they really liked looking at the fish and the turtles. It was a lot of fun to watch them explore a new environment. 

Bambu Gigante (Giant Bamboo).

Bambu Gigante

The kids watch for fish in one of the many ponds. 

Stepping stones in one of the water gardens. 

The family of turtles was a big hit. A few even came up on shore. 

Turtle Watching

The cactus garden was beautiful. 


We all had a lot of fun at the playground too. 

Playground at the Járdin Botanico