Our home provides a strong spiritual environment in which children can come to know Jesus personally and seek after Him with their own lives. Through our staff, volunteers, counselors and guests we seek to provide solid examples of Godly living. We believe the best way to impact the children is to build relationships with them, invest in their lives, and guide them through their struggles. We recognize that every person must travel a different road to salvation and we want to walk beside each child, in love, for however long it takes.

Beyond every child at Love & Hope lies a family. We believe our mission extends into those families and that each child has the potential to become an agent of change in their own family. When a child enters our home, often their relationship with their family is dysfunctional, strained or broken. We work to restore broken relationships though counseling, therapy, visitations, and by providing ways for the family to be included in the children’s lives even while they are separated. Our goal is for the children who enter Love & Hope to have a healthy and happy relationship with their families. We provide shelter, safety and support until they can be reunited.

We know that education is one of the most valuable assets we can give a child. We aim to be holistic educators by providing solid academic instruction as well as exposure to a wide variety of activities, opportunities, peoples and cultures. We want each child to understand their world and the world around them. We teach respect for one’s own culture and the culture of others, but above all a respect and commitment to the culture of Christ. Academically, we want children to find the classroom a positive and rewarding place. Each child is matched with an educational environment that fits their individual learning style and cultivates an atmosphere of success. Our goal is to help each child reach their full potential and the place in life to which God has called them.

Love & Hope is the work of God’s Kingdom here on earth and we want to share that work with all who wish to serve. We view the home and its network of sponsors and supporters as a family. We want to create an environment in which sponsors can develop meaningful and lasting relationships with the children they support. We know that for all the needs the children may have, God has given them something to share with all of us.


FAMILY — God created us to live in loving, healthy relationships with one another viewing each individual as more important than the organization.

SIMPLICITY — We believe that when it comes to material items, less is more.

RESPECT — We are created in God’s image. We value the worth and dignity of each individual by showing genuine regard for their life and culture, and for God’s creation by being good stewards of His earth.

GENUINE — We strive for transparency, accountability and integrity in all of our words and actions.

FAITH — In all we do we seek to glorify God. We base our work on Biblical principles and our relationship with Jesus Christ while respecting and welcoming people of all faith backgrounds.

TEACHABLE — We believe always seeking to learn more and broadening one’s knowledge provides the tools for reaching one’s full potential and for becoming a productive member of society.