Christmas Fun at Love & Hope

December has been an exciting and busy month as we’ve had many donors and supporters generously provide us with Christmas parties, activities and gifts.

A few weeks ago, Alma and Romero, a Salvadoran couple who started supporting us over a year ago, threw us a party at a local McDonalds. This exciting celebration included lunch, games, piñatas, dancing elves, a beautiful Christmas cake, and a Santa who handed out presents to every child. After the party, the older girls received a special treat when Alma took them shopping at the mall. And, as an added bonus, a Cinemark employee who attended this party gave us free movie passes for a free movie the following week!


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About a week later, the employees at TACA airlines sponsored a pizza party at our Home. Before the party, they had asked each of our kids to write a letter to Santa asking for a specific Christmas gift. While this seemed a lot of work at the time (you’d understand if you’ve ever tried to get over twenty kids to complete a project), it was worth it because Santa also attended this party and gave each of the kids exactly what they asked for in their letters. It was unbelievable, in a very good way.


We have felt God’s love, peace and joy through our sponsors’ overwhelming generosity. We praise God for His incredible blessings and are grateful for our local sponsors and everyone who provides for us during the Christmas season and throughout the year. May God bless you this Christmas and in the coming year. ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!


Today’s post comes from Executive Director Kelly Moore:


The Salvadoran school year starts in January and ends in November. The two months in between leaves much room for other learning experiences. During the break the tios and tias teamed up to create a series of workshops to teach the kids skilled trades such as cooking, sewing, car mechanics, knitting and more. Two of the girls even took an interest in cosmetology and are attending classes three days a week during the two month vacation.

Last week I had the opportunity to teach the kids how to sew drawstring t-shirt bags and jean purses on the sewing machine. Sewing is special to me because my grandmother taught me how when I was very young and I have been able to create my own clothing and quilts since then. The boys found an old t-shirts and the girls used old jeans to create their finished product. After millions of questions and crooked lines, there was a smile on everyone’s face for having experienced something new.

I am impressed by the teachable attitudes of these kids. Everyone wants to participate, learn and have fun at the same time!



Our friends at Operation Blessing gave us an early Christmas gift – tickets to the Rojo concert! Rojo is a Christian rock band from Mexico that the kids, especially the older girls, love. Their worship music is upbeat, energetic and inspiring. We had a blast dancing and singing along. Here’s what Brenda had to say about our Rojo experience (translated from Spanish):

“Attending the Rojo concert was a dream come true since I’ve always wanted to go. It was the best. I didn’t like it…I loved it! Even more because I was able to spend time with friends from the church, from outside the Home, the workers from the Home and the kids, too. But what I liked best was praising my Creator, Father, Savior, Provider, Friend…my Jesus. I really enjoyed sharing this experience with those that came with me. It was wonderful praising God and enjoying the beautiful moment. I am very happy we were able to go and am grateful to Tati and Tony for getting us the tickets. I enjoyed this beautiful experience.”