Today’s post comes from Executive Director Kelly Moore:


The Salvadoran school year starts in January and ends in November. The two months in between leaves much room for other learning experiences. During the break the tios and tias teamed up to create a series of workshops to teach the kids skilled trades such as cooking, sewing, car mechanics, knitting and more. Two of the girls even took an interest in cosmetology and are attending classes three days a week during the two month vacation.

Last week I had the opportunity to teach the kids how to sew drawstring t-shirt bags and jean purses on the sewing machine. Sewing is special to me because my grandmother taught me how when I was very young and I have been able to create my own clothing and quilts since then. The boys found an old t-shirts and the girls used old jeans to create their finished product. After millions of questions and crooked lines, there was a smile on everyone’s face for having experienced something new.

I am impressed by the teachable attitudes of these kids. Everyone wants to participate, learn and have fun at the same time!