Our friends at Operation Blessing gave us an early Christmas gift – tickets to the Rojo concert! Rojo is a Christian rock band from Mexico that the kids, especially the older girls, love. Their worship music is upbeat, energetic and inspiring. We had a blast dancing and singing along. Here’s what Brenda had to say about our Rojo experience (translated from Spanish):

“Attending the Rojo concert was a dream come true since I’ve always wanted to go. It was the best. I didn’t like it…I loved it! Even more because I was able to spend time with friends from the church, from outside the Home, the workers from the Home and the kids, too. But what I liked best was praising my Creator, Father, Savior, Provider, Friend…my Jesus. I really enjoyed sharing this experience with those that came with me. It was wonderful praising God and enjoying the beautiful moment. I am very happy we were able to go and am grateful to Tati and Tony for getting us the tickets. I enjoyed this beautiful experience.”