Education Makes a Difference

School is in full swing here at Love & Hope Children’s Home. The kids are off to a great, enthusiastic start. We are encouraged to see academic and social improvement in a few of the children who began at new schools this year. Everyone returns from school excited to tell us about their new friends and teachers.


At the home, our afternoons are consumed with homework, projects, and extra tutoring. The kids have taken it in stride, quickly adapting back to the school schedule. But by Friday afternoon, a week of early morning starts catches up and everyone (adults included) looks pretty tired.

Education is one of our top priorities at Love & Hope. We believe it’s one of the most valuable assets we can give our children, and something that can truly make the difference between a life of struggle and a life of success. Our Education Fund allows us to provide the best education and support that we can for the children of Love & Hope. Thanks to the generosity of many, we have already reached 39% of our goal for the 2014 Education Fund!

Our goal is to get to 100%! We’ve set up a special site where you can donate to our Education Fund in the name of a specific child, or make a general donation. Choose a child you sponsor, or a child that shares a common interest or age with one of your own children. Your contribution will help us reach our goal of fully funding education for our children in 2014. Supporting a child’s education is a direct and immediate way to make a lasting impact on their life, the life of their family, and the country of El Salvador.

Visit our 2014 Education Fund and give today. Then, share it with a friend!