Teacher of Love

Over the last few days several of our kids have been sick.?? All day yesterday Brenda was in bed with a fever and the flu.?? I had Brenda sleep in my room so I could take care of her through the night.?? Since Brenda and Linda share a room Linda slept in my house too with the girls that sleep in the room next to me.?? Before going to sleep we read a story and prayed together.?? Linda told me she wanted to talk to me about something on her bed.?? I laid down beside her and she said, ???I feel a drop in my heart.?? I feel very sad.????? I asked her, ???is it like a tear drop?????? And she said yes.?? I asked her why she felt sad and she explained that it was because Brenda was sick and Brenda always does nice things for her and helps her to do things and now that Brenda was sick there was nothing she could do to help her.?? I asked what the one thing we could do for Brenda was and she said ???pray for her.????? Earlier that day Aly had asked if we could pray for Brenda and Linda had prayed with us.?? I reminded Linda that we had prayed for Brenda a couple of times and that she could pray for her again if she wanted.?? I told her that in the morning she could clean up Brenda???s stuff in their room and leave a note for her on Brenda???s bed to show her that she loves her.?? I asked her to go get me Brenda???s medicine and I think she was thrilled to even help in that way.?? She called me over to her bed again and said ???when I came back from getting Brenda???s medicine I told her that I loved her.????? This morning she wrote Brenda a note and asked me to give it to her. Here is what it said, ???For: Brenda, From: Linda.?? Hi Brenda.?? I am sorry that you???re sick.?? God is going to help you to be healed.?? I love you so much.?? You???re my best friend.?? You???re beautiful.?? I hope you can eat.?? I hope that you can be my friend and that we don???t fight and that you know that I love you with my whole heart.?? Don???t feel sad because you???re alone.?? God is with you.?? You have a beautiful face.?? I want to help you but I can???t.?? I don???t want to hurt your heart or your feelings.?? I love you Brenda.?? I love you so much.????? Last night I was reading No greater Love which is a book of reflections of Mother Theresa.?? She was talking about a crippled boy that she met in Venezuela.?? When she asked the mother the child???s name she said ???we call him teacher of love because he keeps on teaching us how to love.?? Everything we do for him is our love for God in action.????? I am so grateful for Linda, and all the other ???teachers of love??? that I am surrounded by.