Salvador’s Night Out

A couple of weeks ago, Salvador brought home a very special invitation. He was invited to the quinceañera of his friend from school! He was ecstatic and carried around the invitation (a little gold paper box) for a few days. When we saw that the invitation was for “Salvador and family,” we joked with him that EVERYONE was going to go with him, the entire Love and Hope family. He didn’t think that was a very good idea.


This past Saturday, the big day finally arrived! Salvador decided to take Linda, his sister, and Kirsten along with him to the party. Esau loaned Chamba a nice shirt and Tio Roberto helped him get ready, do his hair, and put on some cologne.


At the quinceañera, Salvador, as always, was a dance machine. He only stopped dancing to eat! It’s almost as if he literally can’t resist a good rhythm. The great thing about Salvador (also sometimes not such a great thing) is that he has no inhibitions. Dancing alone on the dance floor is no problem for him! Salvador also had a great time with his friends from school. They danced, played and talked the entire evening! Overall, the quinceañera was a great experience for Salvador!


Salvador also has a tendency to lose or ruin things. So, in an effort to teach him a little responsibility, his caregivers helped him save his allowance to buy a new air pump that he had broken and fork he had lost. When he got back from the mall on Tuesday this week, he was very proud that he had been able to replace the items with his own money!


We can not imagine Love & Hope Children’s Home without Salvador. He brings so much joy to the house and makes us laugh a lot. Sure, it’s not so nice when he wants to lay a refried-bean-kiss on our cheek at dinner time, but it’s the thought that counts. It is awesome to see how the other Love & Hope kids go out of their way to give him a little attention, or how they seek him out to play, knowing he will always be willing.

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