Rubber-band Bracelets

When the Love & Hope kids think something is cool, they can’t get enough. If you are reading our blog stateside, then you are sure to know what rubber-band bracelets are. Tiny, colorful rubber-bands turn into cute, stretchy bracelets when woven through your fingers or on a specially-made loom. Love & Hope Children’s Home was introduced to this fad a few months ago, and the kids love sitting together to make the bracelets.

IMG_7175 copy IMG_7177 copy

Eliseo, our youngest, has also been enthusiastic about making rubber-band bracelets. A couple weeks ago, after making about six bracelets for himself, an idea dawned on Eliseo and Jeremiah. They became mini-entrepreneurs, walking around the home, asking anyone who would listen to buy their bracelets for 25 cents.

IMG_7172 copy

We love sharing these fun moments with you! What hobbies do your kids enjoy doing?