Rotarians at Work

We started off January with a big push from our very first team of the year: Rotary District 6650. This team was nearly unstoppable. Even with a day-long delay due to weather in Atlanta they still managed to accomplish all they set out to do and then some. Their primary project was painting the kids bedrooms. Each group of kids decided on up to two colors for their room and then helped move all the furniture out so the painting could begin. After all the taping, priming, painting and touch-up work, the rooms look fantastic and the kids couldn’t wait to see the results. The rooms look fresh, clean, inviting and, most importantly, a little bit more like home. 


But the Rotarians didn’t stop there. They purchased ceiling fans for the kitchen and all the bedrooms. They bought us new tools to install everything. They bought us a new ladder. They bought 7 new mattresses. They bought new laundry baskets. They bought new trashcans. They bought stickers and decals for the bedroom walls. They bought us a huge new TV and DVD player. They ordered up Pizza Hut for all the kids. They did hearing tests and fitted two folks from the community with hearing aids. They bought us new kitchen tables. They gave us money to order new desks and dressers for the kids. They left bags of clothes to donate to the community. They brought Christmas gifts for all the kids. They did a “Career Night” at the home and talked about their jobs. They did all that and more. They loved us and the kids for five straight days. 

Thank you, Rotarians. You were only here for a few days, but you made a difference that will last for quite some time.