¿Puedo ir a la comunidad?

One of our favorite things to do here at Love & Hope Children’s Home is go to the Platanillo community in Quezaltepeque. Rachel has been ministering to the people there for over seven years, taking food and clothing and doing Sunday School with the little ones. 

It’s not just the missionaries that love going to the Community; the kids like to go too. On Saturday mornings the “regulars” like to gaurantee their spot in the car that will be going to Platanillo in the afternoon:

“¿Vas a ir a la comunidad? ¿Puedo ir?”

“Are you going to the community? Can I go?”

Saturday mornings we prepare everything we need and pack the food we will hand out in Platanillo.


Some of us help by watching movies.


We leave Love & Hope at 2:00, stop at the gas station to go to the bathroom at 2:30, and usually arrive in Platanillo by 3:15. Kirsten starts English class right away. The Love & Hope kids are always very helpful, lending their English skills for the benefit of the beginners that come every week.  

At 4:00, Rachel takes over for Sunday School. We sing songs, Rachel gives a Bible lesson, then everyone settles down to color their page for the week. The Love & Hope kids are always eager to hand out the coloring pages, crayons and lap desks to the children in attendance. They sit down and chat with their friends or help the toddlers finish their coloring. When everyone finishes, they also help pass out a snack. 

Around 5:00, we pass out food to the adults and children in attendance. Everyone recieves several bags of rice and whatever other food we have a surplus of at the house. The Love & Hope kids love being the ones to hand the food!


Going to Platanillo every week is a great family activity for us. It is such a blessing to see our kids so wiling to serve God by serving others!