Photo Policy

In an effort to align more with a Salvadoran law titled LEPINA (Ley de Protección de la Niñez y Adolescencia), Love & Hope Children’s Home will be no longer post identifying photos of our children on the Internet. LEPINA is a relatively new law to El Salvador and was drafted in the interest of protecting children and adolescents. The law has affected Love & Hope Children’s Home in several ways and we are trying our best to make our policies and procedures fall within its parameters.

Over the next few weeks, we will be removing photos from our website, blog and facebook page that could be used to identify our children. This mainly means photos and portraits that show their entire face. Unfortunately, our posts in the future will be less photo-driven, but we hope to be a little more creative in our picture taking so that our supporters can still connect with us via our blog and facebook pages. We like sharing our daily life with you and plan to do so the best we can!

If you are a sponsor of a specific child and would like to receive photos from time-to-time (beyond our mailings), send an email to with your name and your sponsored child’s name. We would be happy to connect you to your sponsored child in a more private manner. We also invite everyone to join our email list to receive updates. You can do this by clicking here.

We also would like to ask that those who know our children personally or have visited Love & Hope Children’s Home in the past to refrain from “tagging” or posting your personal photos to the LoveHope Kids profile or Love & Hope Children’s Home page on facebook. Please also refrain from naming children in descriptions or comments.

Maintaining the privacy of our children is a team effort! We appreciate the understanding of our supporters and facebook friends. If you have any questions regarding our desire to adhere to LEPINA in the way we are using social media, please feel free to send an email to