Our Incredible Staff – Julio and Yessenia

A couple posts ago, we introduced two of our employees with the most longevity, Ana and Larixa. Today we would like to tell you about our caregivers Yessenia and Julio. Yessenia has been a fixture at Love & Hope for many years. Julio joined us in the last two years to work specifically with the older boys.

Yessenia came to us thanks to her cousin who was working at Love & Hope a number of years ago. She still remembers getting to know our children (very small at the time) on her first day of work. Yessenia says the biggest blessing in working at Love & Hope has been learning to work with the individual and beautiful personalities and qualities that each child holds. Yessenia says that she sees her work at Love & Hope as more than work. This was her first job and she believes that God brought her here!

Tia Yessenia currently works with the little boys: four little guys who are between the ages of five and eight. Of all the groups of children at Love & Hope, this might be the bunch that requires the most patience. Yessenia approaches her time with Antonio, Salvador, Herberth and Eliseo with gentleness and grace. The little boys look up to her as a motherly figure, someone who will nurture and discipline them. We couldn’t think of anyone better to be taking care of our little rascals!


Julio has been working at Love & Hope for almost two years. Bringing male caregivers into the work rotation was a big decision here, but also a great one. We have seen positive change in the behavior of our older boys thanks to the presence of male role models like Julio. Julio remembers being nervous on his first day of work at Love & Hope. He says that he wondered things like, “Will they like me?” “Will I have a connection with them?” and “Am I the person that God wants for them?” Julio also says he was unsure of how to parent at first, but God has given the wisdom to help guide “his boys”, as he calls them.

When asked if he had a special connection with any of the children, this was Julio’s response (translated):

A very hard question…All of them are very special to me, they are in my heart and every one of them has a special connection with me. Every time that they have a question, problem, etc., I will always be there for what they want. I think that in those moments only God gives me the wisdom to respond well. Jacobo, Esau, Jefferson, Ezequiel, Moises: each one is different and I have tried to be there or share their different levels and challenges. I think I will always be there until God moves me from this place (Love and Hope).

We’re hoping that’s no time soon, Tio Julio! Having Godly male role models around for our children is not just a blessing, it is indispensable. The kids flock to Julio and our other male staff to play, talk and spend time together. We are glad to have father figures around that reflect the love of our Heavenly Father.



Yessenia and Julio are so important in this place! We are able to continue paying the salaries of these amazing individuals thanks to our sponsors and donors. Love & Hope is grateful for those that currently support our ministry and we invite those who would like to get involved to learn more about sponsorship and donations by clicking here.