Kevincito Update

In Spanish, when one adds “cito” or “ito” to the end of a word or name, it indicates that the thing, animal or person is small. For example, a baby cat, or gato, is a gatito. A small cup of coffee, or café, is a cafecito.

From the time little Kevin entered the gate of Love & Hope Children’s Home, until he was adopted last March, we called him Kevincito. This was partly to distinguish him from big Kevin (one of our older boys), but adding that “cito” ending also described Kevincito’s obvious physical state: he was  small – really small.


Not anymore. If we are going to continue calling him Kevincito, it will only be for sentimental reasons. Since moving to Ohio, Kevin has gained over 12 pounds and grown an inch. Dan and Christine, his adoptive parents, periodically post pictures of him on Facebook. When we show these photos to our children and caregivers, their reaction is always the same: wide eyes, disbelief, and then an animated, “¡Kevin! ¡Que gordito!” or “How chubby!”


Besides reaching a healthier weight, Kevin is strong, rolling over, very active, and prefers to sit up rather than lie down. He loves to play with his adapted toys and gets more interactive everyday; Christine says that “he is the happiest and silliest boy we know.” Kevin is learning to bear weight through his legs and arms and will be getting new camouflage colored ankle foot orthotics (AFO’s) soon. He says the word “Go!” when he is excited and mimics talking on the phone.


Kevin just finished his first adapted baseball season and has two trophies to show for it. He also participates in a boy scout pack for children with special needs. This fall Kevin is going to start school!


According to Christine, “Overall, we say that he is an entirely different child than who we thought we were adopting…in a good way!” Our Love & Hope family is in awe about how far Kevin has come in the short time he has been in Ohio. Please pray with us for his continued improvement and health, especially as he is scheduled for a surgical feeding tube in September.


We love and miss you, Kevincito!