Love & Hope Children’s Home is about a month into the 2015 school year. So far, so good! We asked the kids what some of their goals were for this year. Some of their goals are pretty lofty, others are very original. We wanted to share a few of them with you:


Jefferson: “I want to learn to draw more and be more responsible with my homework.”

Irene: “I want to earn first place in my class.”


Linda: “I want to earn second place in my class, study more for tests and present projects better.”

Eliseo: “I want to learn more English and learn how to draw because I can only draw some things.”

Vanessa: “I want to pass 5th grade, earn an award in my class, get good grades and only receive big 10’s on my tests. I don’t want to get so nervous when doing a presentation.”


Jeremiah: “I want to achieve 10’s on my tests.”

Michell: “I want to improve my presentations and earn an award in my class.”

Aly: “I want to get a 10 in math.”


Jacobo: “I want to pass 7th grade with good grades and return to my old school.”

Moises: “I want to get “10’s” on all of my tests.”

Love & Hope Children’s Home does its best to provide our kids with a top-notch education. This not only has to do with their schools, but also the support we offer them at home. Our children attend five different schools based on their individual learning needs, environment, class size, teaching style, and the like. At home, we have a structured homework hour and many of the children also receive additional tutoring.


We are so proud of our children for striving to achieve and set goals. They are off to a great start this year: we have recognized some incredible motivation in them! Please join us in praying for the Love & Hope kids this year and consider supporting our Education Fund by clicking here.

Photo credit: Jacobo (he did a great job!)