Congratulations, Jocelyn!

We’ve got BIG news! Jocelyn, Love & Hope Children’s Home’s oldest child, is our first high school graduate, and we couldn’t be more proud! Jocelyn first came to Love & Hope when she was seven years old. Jocelyn finished her high school career at Colegio Luz de Israel, in San Salvador. She graduated in early December surrounded by her Love and Hope family. Jocelyn was able to invite several special people to see her graduate. Among those she invited were, of course, Rachel (Mami), and her Love & Hope “sisters”: Michell, Brenda, Raquel, Daniela and Shelby as well as several of her Love and Hope “aunts and uncles.” Afterward, everyone celebrated with Jocelyn by going out to lunch.





Next year, Jocelyn plans to attend la Universidad Evangelica de El Salvador (the Evangelical University of El Salvador) in San Salvador. She will study English translation and interpretation there. While she doesn’t know exactly what kind of job she would like to have one day, we know that English is the right choice for her. She loves it and fluent English speakers are in very high demand in El Salvador! Jocelyn will also be able to use her English skills one day to fulfill her dream – a trip to England!


One common question for us at Love & Hope is, “What happens when your children turn 18?” Well, Jocelyn is our first 18-year-old and she has chosen to continue to live at Love & Hope Children’s Home. We love Jocelyn as if she were our own, and plan on  giving her our support for as long as she needs it! Love & Hope will offer her a college scholarship every year as long as she keeps her grades up. During vacations and breaks, Jocelyn plans to work.


Jocelyn was able to arrive at this graduation milestone thanks to many, many people who have loved and supported her and Love & Hope Children’s Home over the last ten years. Thank you! You’ve made a crucial impact on Jocelyn’s life forever. We are so proud of Jocelyn for taking advantage of the opportunities she has been given because of our donors and Love & Hope Children’s Home. Congratulations, Jocelyn!