Children’s Day!

October 1st is Children’s Day in El Salvador and many other parts of the world. We at Love & Hope Children’s Home try to make it a special day for our kids. This year, we were helped by PGS 360, local branch of a California based company. We were already very familiar with PGS 360, as they provide us with weekly karate lessons with one of their employees, Jose.

On Wednesday morning, to prepare for Children’s Day on Thursday, our staff took the time to make cards for each child. We tried to make the cards appeal to each child’s interests. Then every staff member signed each card.

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Later, we prepared goody bags with some of their favorite treats: Coca Cola, Ramen noodles, Pringles and candy. On Thursday morning, while the kids were at school, the cards and goody bags were placed on each child’s bed: a fun surprise to return home to.

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Our children were also treated to fun at school on Thursday or Friday. They had parties, ate special food and played games with their classmates. Needless to say, they were too full to eat lunch when they came home from school!

After homework hour on Thursday, PGS 360 arrived with awesome decorations, a clown, music, soda, pizza, piñatas, face painting and games! Love & Hope also hosted another children’s home, Mi Casa, who joined us for the fun. The kids loved it!

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The clown was interactive and fun. One of the games he had the kids play was to simply have them make a pile of as many “things” they could. The kids started collecting shoes and keys, then getting really into the game, finished by collecting people and chairs! In another game, the participants had to make a line of shoes as fast as possible!

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We were excited to see Mike, the owner of PGS 360, in El Salvador on October 1st. He even stopped by the party to say, “Hello!” In addressing the kids and adults in attendance, he said something important: “To me, everyday is Children’s Day!” How true. We at Love & Hope Children’s Home do our best to make our children feel special, loved and safe every single day. We are so grateful to have the support of PGS 360 and the schools in this mission. We are also so blessed by the generosity of donors who make it possible to send our children to wonderful schools where they are valued and celebrated. Thank you!

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“How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.”- Mother Theresa