Bible Competition

Last week, two of our girls participated in a Concurso de Biblia at school. In the months leading up the competion, they had to memorize 30 verses from Judges and the answers to numerous questions regarding Biblical people and events. They spent hours afterschool with their teammates preparing to compete against other Christian schools. On the day of, two other schools showed up at Colegio CEFAS and the teams nervously took their seats in front of the judges and audience.




Each participant had a buzzer. A light on each buzzer indicated who had pressed their button first. It was the responsibility of the team captain (one of the Love & Hope kids!) to get the answer from their teammate and relay it to the judges and audience. We were impressed at how fast the kids buzzed in and recited the verses or answers to questions. Because the competition was at CEFAS, the home crowd got pretty excited when our team answered a question correctly. The CEFAS team was pretty excited too:


Overall, CEFAS finished in 2nd place and fun was had all around. Congratulations to both of our girls; They worked so hard and did a great job!