Always Learning

Every Thursday morning, the staff at Love & Hope Children’s Home gathers for a staff meeting and training. The meetings have proven to be beneficial for communication between the leadership staff and caregivers. We start  with a devotion led by one of the staff, move on to a meeting with Gloria (our social worker), and then Jessica (our psychologist) gives a childcare training. The trainings provided by Jessica have helped our staff improve their methods of childcare and behavior management. Two of the most recent things we did at our Thursday morning meetings were first aid training and training in the LEPINA Law.

A few weeks ago, a fire inspector came to give the staff a training in primero auxilio, or first aid. We learned a lot about how to best help our children in the event of an accident that would require first aid or CPR. While first aid is obviously a very serious topic, we also managed to have some fun learning together (as we usually do). Asking for volunteers to help demonstrate first aid techniques always makes things more interesting! We are grateful to have had the opportunity to learn first aid, but hopefully we won’t be required to use it anytime soon.




Over the last few months, our staff has also been learning the parameters of la Ley de Protección de la Niñez y Adolescencia (LEPINA), or the Children and Adolescent Protection Law. LEPINA is a law that has affected Love & Hope Children’s Home in many ways. The rights it lays out for children and adolescents are consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our social worker facilitated this training by having all of the caregivers summarize a part of the law and present it during our meeting every week. Last week, our study of LEPINA culminated with a test. Now it was the staff’s turn to be in the test-taking hot seat!


Our staff is constantly trying to get better and improve in order to serve the Love & Hope kids to the best of our ability. Please pray for us as we learn the best ways to care for these incredible children!